The Story Behind Dominique Ann Art

Have you ever wanted to do something but have been too scared to take the leap? It’s like that secret dream you never tell anyone about because you’re scared you won’t be good enough, or people will think you’re crazy. I present to you DOMINIQUE ANN ART!
Growing up in my mother’s art gallery I was surrounded by whimsical beach landscapes. My mother’s art gallery was located in Avon, NC aka the southern part of the “Outer Banks” (for those who have never been down that far south). Technically called Hatteras Island, my home growing up was surrounded by pristine seashore.
I was always painting, from the time I was a child in diapers, to being 10 years old and leading art lessons at my mother’s gallery. But not like my mother. Her realistic beach landscape paintings were immaculate, with their extreme detail and careful application of paint so gentle and perfect.

I craved bright colors, and the process, more than the finished product and how realistic it looked. I was good at art in my own way, and it was always my favorite class in school. I could spend hours upon hours lost in time on my art projects, but never felt my finished pieces were that good. Senior year of high school I pushed away my art teacher’s questions about whether I would pursue an art degree in college.

Truthfully, I was absolutely terrified I wasn’t good enough.

Ignoring my art teacher’s advice to apply to an art school, I decided to pursue a Media Arts & Design degree at James Madison University instead. Two years out of college with no dream job in my chosen major, I started to get the weirdest feeling. Overnight, with a bout of homesickness, I developed an absolutely necessary desire to put paint on canvas. It was as if there was something inside me that had been hibernating and was now begging to claw itself out. Something so hidden by rationale and feelings of inadequacy, that I had forgotten it even existed.

What started as one painting, catapulted into another, and then another. For the first time since I was a toddler I let myself paint without thinking about the outcome. There was no contemplation about whether I was making the right stroke, instead I just did it. I was painting from my heart, letting the energy of the record playing on my turntable guide me through the journey.

This is how Dominique Ann Art became a reality. A little girl with a love for painting created her dream of being an artist. She chose to paint how she wanted, not how she was supposed to.

I am so absolutely overwhelmed with pride that I have been able to get to where I am right now. This website, created by me, is just a small representation of how much painting means to me. My abstract expressionist pieces were created out of love, laughs, dancing, and childish wonder. Dominique Ann Art is made of dreams so big, I was scared for half of my life to chase them. I am Dominique Ann, and I hope you enjoy my art.