Dominique Ann Lategano is first and foremost a creative. She received a degree in Media Arts & Design from James Madison University with a minor in Creative Writing. She has written for numerous publications including The Breeze Newspaper, 22807 Magazine, and Gardy Loo Literary & Arts Magazine. Her writing style can be described as witty, outspoken, & daring.

Dominique is currently the Marketing Manager for Foobee, a startup app launching soon. Her job entails organizing the marketing team utilizing Slack, holding weekly meetings, writing press releases for media outlets, writing copy, and leading the team on projects.

In college Dominique led the online & print marketing for JMU’s largest festival Madipalooza. This included both an email marketing campaign, written copy, press releases and leading brainstorming groups for merchandise giveaways for the event.

Dominique currently manages her online clothing line Creative Humanity. She created the lifestyle brand using her original paintings as the designs for her clothing line. She created her website using Shopify and handles brand image, marketing, social media, copywriting, photography, sourcing, logistics and fulfillment of all products. She is also a professional artist, her artwork is currently on display at The Cooley Gallery in downtown Leesburg.

Dominique will be a strong asset for the next enterprise she serves. Her multitude of skills allow her to spearhead any project with a creative approach. A natural leader, she will always bring a positive, team-driven attitude.


Published Articles

Below are three writing samples Dominique has written for The Breeze Newspaper. They exemplify her ability to create a vivid scene in the readers head, and draw them into the story.

Top Story: Heritage Bakery & Cafe

Top Story: Ello (then a startup, now 1+ million users)

Life Story: Smoothies and cycling make up Harrisonburg’s Pulp


Creative Humanity

Dominique wrote the About page for Creative Humanity.


Creative Humanity is more than a fashion brand. Focused on the lifestyles of creatives, we are a community of unique individuals. Our brand is based around the dreamers, the rad, the different. From art to sustainability, we are the trend setters. We are chasing the forgotten dreams. We go beyond the norm and create a life of intention. We are artists of our own journey, designers of our destiny. We are creating humanity based around finding passion in life. We are Creative Humanity.


Dominique wrote the summary and mission statement for Foobee.

Who We Are

We are here to bring people together. We created a social app that puts the focus back on the most important part of meeting someone. Foobee lets its users choose a broad range of cravings, such as activities, food, or drinks. Once you match with someone we make it easy to find a place to meet by showing all the nearby options that match your craving. Finally a meetup app that is actually social.

Our Mission

Humans crave meaningful interactions. Our mission is to bring you real connections. In a world saturated with online dating, we are focusing on what really matters. Foobee lets you skip time online and fast forward to the actual date.