December 9, 2016 I saw Zeds Dead with Keys N Krates at Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angelos. I had been visiting friends for the week and went to the show to celebrate my birthday. In the crowd of 6,000 people I met a guy named Matthew from San Diego. We raged together all night, talking in between sets. At the end of the night we parted ways. I don’t think I ever talked to him again after that night, but that’s how it is when you go to shows. You meet interesting people for the night, say goodbye, and life goes on.

November 14th, 2018 I am with a group of friends heading to a show at U-Street Music Hall. It’s only 11pm and it’s already been a hell of night. I went from an underground bar in Georgetown, to getting lost while trying to make it to Chinatown, to meeting my friends from DCESK8. I am finally standing in line for the show when something causes me to turn my head. That’s when I see him. I look at him, and he looks at me, both of our faces twisting into an expression that can only be described as curious confusion.

“Where do I know you from?” I ask.

He responds, “We met at a Zeds Dead show in Los Angelos.”

For a second the world stops spinning. The lining of reality is pulled back, revealing the intertwining of this universe.

“What’s your name?” I ask.

“Matthew.” he says.

We stand in the crowded basement of U-street trying to make sense of it all. What are the odds? Why is he here? What does it mean? We are screaming over the crowd trying to hold a conversation, but it’s too loud.

I veer off and do my own thing for most of the show. I am obsessed with my pixel whip, creating colorful chasing light patterns across my body. Halfway throught the opener, I meet Matteo, an Italian guy I met on Facebook a day prior. We had been scheming about a way to sneak into a sold out show at Soundcheck. We decide to take our chances, leave the show, and somehow successfully sneak in no problem. Things are lining up perfectly.

It isn’t until much later that night as I am sitting outside looking at the stars that I am able to process the randomness of the night. I am at Matteo’s house for an after party and I pull out my phone and decide to try and search Matthew in my contacts. It is cold outside and I am shivering from the oddness of the stars aligning. Sure enough a contact bearing the name “Matthew ZedsDead” pops up. I must have somehow gotten his number two years ago at the LA show.

We hold a conversation over text about the craziness of seeing each other again. He tries to rationalize it, I try too. We laugh at the 2,000 mile distance between our first encounter and this one. He tells me he has a girlfriend.  I tell him “awesome!” We talk about going to another show.

The next night I lay in bed trying to make sense of the randomness. I can’t stop thinking about it. I decide to start a little research project on Google. I try searching, “what it means to meet a random person somewhere random”. A couple sites later I stumble upon synchronicity.

Synchronicity is a concept introduced by Carl Jung that injects meaning into acasual parallelisms. These meaningful coincidences happen not just because of chance, but because of a reason. Explanations of syncrhonicity range from quantam physics, probability theory, to psychology. Synchronicities stem from the law of attraction, bringing attention to the interconnectedness of the universe. Crossing between mind and matter, these occurences are eerily impossible to understand.

I love diving into rabbit holes, and researching syncrhonicity was just that. I read till my phone battery died, article after article about syncrhonicity. I didn’t find the “why” that I was looking for, but I learned that it is a certain kind of person that attracts synchronicities. For one to experience synchronicities, one must be in tune with a spiritual side of themselves that allows little hiccups in time to be noticed. Most peopele are too distracted to notice these small signs crossing their paths.

The mystery of synchronicities doesn’t end at the occurence itself. They paint a picture of our larger universe that we often tend to forget. They rip us out of our comfort zone and force us to ponder what lays behind the veil of reality as we percieve it. These coincidences make it feel as though there is something much bigger than ourselves out there. Although questioning the “why” is a tantalizing mystery, one is meant to bask in the cosmic ridiculousness rather than calculate the probability.

In a time when I have felt that things have been falling apart for the past six months, all of a sudden things are starting to line up. A childish wonder has bloomed as I scramble to find meaning. In just searching for the reason behind the randomness, the synchronicity has done its job. It isn’t the meaning that matters, but the ability to see the world with new eyes.

The last part of my rabbit hole involves the fact that Matthew and Matteo were the two driving forces behind the main sources of surprise the other night. Matthew the long lost concert goer, and Matteo the random guy from Facebook who was the key to sneaking into a sold out show.  Both of them completely different, but yet sharing the same name which bears the meaning “gift of God.” With just looking at the symbolism of their names, I have found meaning in the chaos.

Like looking at the stars on a clear night, I feel comfort in knowing my place in the universe has a purpose. It is when we lose that feeling of purpose that everything starts to spiral out of control. The astonishment and suprise brought about by syncrhonicities are reminders that everything is going to be ok. The more I pay attention, the easier it is the see the universe conspiring in my favor. Everything happens for a reason.

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Dominique Ann is a creative. Her love of writing, painting, and music are here lifelines she relies on to survive. She doesn't like to sit still and is always looking for the next adventure. Follow her musings and adventures on this blog.

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